SCUBIC is an analytical platform for the smart management of utilities and industries

SCUBIC’s mode of operation is based on three pillars


With historical data, the platform uses the latest artificial intelligence techniques to predict the behavior of complex phenomena and systems, with precision unreachable by humans and traditional computational techniques


The simulation module creates a virtual copy of the process or network, allowing the analysis of different parameters and solutions in a virtual, controlled, and risk-free environment


The optimization module finds the best control parameters, in real-time, for each process or network, in order to get the most out of your system, reducing costs while maximizing process efficiency


SCUBIC monitors, predicts and optimizes, in real-time, the operation of the water supply system


  • Connection to existing data systems (SCADA, Telemetry, GIS, sensors, smart meters, SAP)
  • Optimized production schedules according to demand, energy prices, reservoir levels
  • Advanced A.I. for water demand forecast
  • Modular architecture (Visualization, Optimization, Evaluation)
  • Track consumption and costs in real-time
  • Dynamic and automatic control transmissions to SCADA systems


  • Reduce energy consumption and costs by 18% (energy, water, chemical, and labor)
  • 24h predictive analysis of water consumption and production adjustments
  • Improve network efficiency
  • Increase water security
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve labor productivity


SCUBIC platform can track in real-time what is happening in the equipments and processes, predicting consumptions and maintenances


  • Connection to existing data systems (SCADA, sensors, equipment)
  • Remote and real-time monitoring of equipment and process
  • Advanced A.I. for consumption and maintenance predictions
  • Modular architecture (Visualization, Optimization, Evaluation)
  • Track consumption and costs
  • User-friendly platform


  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Increase equipment up-time
  • Improve the process efficiency and yield of production facilities
  • Enable insights from raw data
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Reduce carbon emissions

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Smart Process Audits is a specialized service that analyzes the operation and identifies the energy/water/other consumptions in homes, service buildings, or industrial plants. Audits are a powerful way to help identify and prioritize specific areas for efficiency improvement.


  • Comply with EU directives on energy efficiency
  • Energy diagnostic equipment (thermal cameras, energy analyzers, …)


  • Identify opportunities to reduce energy
  • Reduce costs with energy
  • Improve work and life conditions and comfort levels


SMART CITY CONSULTANCY is a specialized service that relies on our broad experience in the field of smart cities (Internet of Things, sensors, mobility) to help in a good use of technology with minimum financial effort. We help our clients in the adoption of the right technology to their specific problems regarding digitalization and Industry 4.0.


Improve your energy performance and reduce costs with ISO 50001 certification of your energy management system.


Simulation of water distribution networks

Simulation models allow water utilities to increase the efficiency of the system, helping on the planning of operations, water quality assurance, rehabilitation, and asset management. Our specialists will teach you how to build, calibrate, and run simulations of the digital twin of a water supply network using EPANET 2.0.

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